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Australian Shepherd Dog

The rising star among the herding breeds

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Australian Shepherd Dog

Τυπος : Lupoid

Άλλη ονομασια : Australian Shepherd, Aussie

Μεγεθος αρσενικου : 20-23 inches

Βαρος αρσενικου : 44-55 lbs

Μεγεθος θηλυκου : 18-21 inches

Βαρος θηλυκου : 44-55 lbs

Βαθμος περιποιησης :

Χωρα προελευσης : United States of America


Despite its name, this herding dog was actually first selected by ranchers in the United States. The breed has since become popular across the globe.While there are many theories about the origin of the Australian Shepherd, the breed as we know it today was developed exclusively in the United States. Aussies acquired their name through their association with Basque shepherds that arrived from Australia in the 19th century. The breed’s popularity really took off after World War II with the success of western riding, which was introduced to the wider public through rodeos, horse shows and TV specials.


The skull is as long as it is wide, the nose black or brown. The eyes are brown, blue, amber or any variation or combination of these, including flecks and marbling.



The neck is firm, extending into a deep chest. The bone structure is medium.



Blue merle, black, red (liver) merle, solid red (merle), all with or without white markings or tan (copper) points.



The ears are triangular and moderately sized, set high on the head and drooping.



The tail is straight and naturally long or short from birth, although it must never exceed 4 inches if docked (where permitted).



The hair is of medium coarseness and length, straight to wavy, and weather resistant. The thickness of the undercoat depends on the season.


Australian Shepherds were originally used as ranch sheepdogs. They are intelligent working dogs with strong herding and guarding instincts. These loyal companions are full of life, with the stamina to work all day. They are attentive and lively, supple and agile. They are even tempered and good natured dogs that rarely have a beef with others. They may be a little reserved with strangers.Nowadays, Aussies excel at canine sports, especially those demanding agility and obedience, like musical freestyle and flyball.Australian Shepherds are well proportioned – slightly elongated – and medium sized. They are well built, but finely muscled and not at all big boned. Their coat is of medium length and texture, with coloring offering both originality and variety.

Did you know ?

The Australian Shepherd Dog’s eye should be rimmed with color – black if the coat is black, brown if the coat is red merle or red.


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